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Advantages of a Pedestrian Accident Attorney

St. Petersburg residents dealing with multiple insurance companies and other drivers will often find it tiresome and difficult to resolve. A pedestrian accident attorney provides essential insight and support during your claim process. Even though collisions that occur between cars can be deadly, they typically require lots of force. However, incidents involving pedestrians can result in severe injuries at very low speeds. Many studies found that even slow collisions at ten mph can lead to death or permanent damage. If you are dealing with limiting injuries, then properly filing forms [...]

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Know the Law: Tips from a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Whether you are driving a truck in Largo or a motorcycle in Seminole, drivers must abide by Florida’s traffic laws to prevent being cited or being in an accident. Driving laws can and do change, and staying updated on the latest changes is important. It is always wise to talk to a motorcycle accident attorney about the laws and take basic and advanced safety training courses offered by the FLHSMV (Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles). The following are laws that are necessary for bikers to understand before taking a [...]

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3 Things to Discuss with an Automobile Accident Attorney

While there are many matters you will want to discuss with an automobile accident attorney after being involved in an accident in St. Petersburg, there are certain crucial topics that you should be sure to review together. When you schedule a consultation with a lawyer, be prepared to discuss the incident, compensation, and your representation. 1. The Accident The first thing you will need to discuss with your automobile accident attorney is the actual incident itself. Car crashes happen on a regular basis in St. Petersburg, but each case has [...]

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