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Your Trusty Tyrone Probate Attorney

Are you in need of a probate attorney in Tyrone? In that case, you can trust the team at Growney, McKeown & Barber, P.A. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy. That’s why our team will support you with compassion and thoughtful attention to detail. Our philosophy is to treat all our clients with the concern that we give to our own families. As a result, you can feel assured that your case will be handled with care. Why you need a probate attorney in Tyrone [...]

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Commercial Semi Truck Accident Attorney; The Only Resources You’ll Ever Need

If you have a collision in St Petersburg, you may benefit from the services of a commercial semi-truck accident attorney.  Unfortunately, traffic accidents are common in our state. And, the situation can become very complicated when a commercial truck is involved. As the presence of semis on the road increases, it's wise to understand what to do if you are involved in a crash. Read on for the only commercial semi-truck accident attorney resources you will ever need.  What is a semi-truck? A semi is a type of truck or [...]

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Power of Attorney Lawyers | The Different Types of Forms Used

If you’re seeking St Petersburg powers of attorney lawyers, you’ll probably have a long list of questions. Such as, how do you obtain power of attorney? Are there different types of power of attorney forms? Do you need to elect a power of attorney? Either way, this guide should answer your queries. What is a Power of Attorney? A Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal document. It gives an individual (the agent) the authority to act on behalf of another (the principal) in financial, legal, and business matters.  A [...]

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Our Accident Attorney’s Guide to See if You’re Eligible for Compensation

If you need the services of an accident attorney in Pinellas Park, look no further than Growney, McKeown & Barber, P.A. We specialize in settling compensation claims to ensure that you receive a fair settlement for any injuries you sustain as a result of an accident. Our practice covers slips and falls and automobile accidents, among others. Are you eligible for an accident attorney in Pinellas Park? Before you lodge a case, you should first check that you are eligible. Call up our expert accident attorneys in Pinellas Park, and [...]

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Do I Need An Attorney After An Accident? Injury Guide

When you are in an accident, your priority is to get immediate medical care. However, your next step should be to contact an attorney for personal injury in Tampa Bay. Our Injury Guide will walk you through what you need to do after an accident so you can receive the most compensation for your injuries. 1. Get Medical Attention While you and your legal team will benefit greatly from you collecting evidence following your crash, your health care comes first. A friend, the police, or your legal team can do [...]

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Personal Injury Attorney: When You Need One

When you suffer a personal injury, you have a right to receive financial compensation. Many people make the mistake of letting the cost of an attorney for personal injury interfere with their chance to get the most money for their injuries. This can result in insurance companies taking advantage of your lack of experience. Dealing with an insurance company can not only be frustrating but also make it impossible to get the money you deserve. You might even be too sick to deal with them and miss your window of [...]

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Attorney for Injury at Work | St. Petersburg

If you need an attorney for injury at work in St. Petersburg, trust Growney, McKeown & Barber, P.A, to settle your case. Our friendly, experienced team will help you get the compensation and support you need while you focus on your recovery and health. What does an attorney for injury at work do? Your employer is required to provide you with a safe working environment. However, sometimes a fault or oversight can occur, like a slip and fall, and you may be injured due to unsatisfactory conditions. This can lead [...]

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Auto Accident Attorney in Tyrone

From fender benders to head-on collisions, it is possible that you have experienced personal injuries that are deserving of legal compensation. The team at Growney, McKeown & Barber, P.A. offer auto accident attorney services to those seeking personal injury compensation in Tyrone. The Benefits of an Auto Accident Attorney in Tyrone The effects of a car accident can, unfortunately, be long-lasting and leave you with costly medical bills and pain for years. If you are in an accident and the resulting personal injury leaves you with financial and personal costs, [...]

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Attorney for Wills in St. Petersburg

When thinking about your future and your family, it is very common for individuals to look to an attorney for wills in St. Petersburg. While there are ways to create a will on your own, having a lawyer assist you in clearly, legally documenting your end of life wishes can be highly valuable. Why Use an Attorney for Wills in St. Petersburg? In short, a will ensures that your assets and savings are allocated to the right individuals in your life, usually family. A will is a legal document between [...]

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What Does a Wills Attorney in Tyrone Do?

When most Americans consider contacting a will attorney in Tyrone, it is to draft or legalize a will outlining the distributions of a personal estate following a death. However, there is far more to a wills attorney than this alone. At Growney, McKeown & Barber, P.A., our firm covers a myriad of fields of law, one of which being estate planning law. Here, we will discuss the areas focused on within this niche, and whether a wills attorney in Tyrone might be suitable for your legal situation. Creating a Living [...]

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