If you have a collision in St Petersburg, you may benefit from the services of a commercial semi-truck accident attorney. 

Unfortunately, traffic accidents are common in our state. And, the situation can become very complicated when a commercial truck is involved. As the presence of semis on the road increases, it’s wise to understand what to do if you are involved in a crash. Read on for the only commercial semi-truck accident attorney resources you will ever need. 

What is a semi-truck?

A semi is a type of truck or tractor that contains an engine and, as such, can run independently. In fact, they are more commonly referred to as ‘big rigs’ and ’18-wheelers’. On the other hand, a truck can be any number of configurations – including pickups and SUVs. 

Businesses use commercial semis to transport goods as well as to provide other commercial services.

What causes semi-truck accidents?

Several factors can cause semi-truck accidents. However, human error, mechanical faults, poor road conditions, and inclement weather are the most typical culprits.

What should I do after a commercial semi-truck accident?

If you are involved in a collision with a semi, it’s paramount that you seek medical attention immediately. While at the crash scene, you should only document the scene if you feel well enough. Taking photographs of your property and noting witness contact details is useful if possible. 

Once a healthcare professional has checked you, consulting a St Petersburg commercial semi-truck accident attorney is your priority. The sooner, the better – this helps avoid issues with the statute of limitations. 

Share as much detail as you can with your attorney. They will then take charge and proceed to follow up with the events of the crash. For example, gathering CCTV and dashcam footage, collecting witness statements, and liaising with the police. 

Do I need a commercial semi-truck accident attorney in St Petersburg?

You may wonder if an attorney is essential. However, due to commercial semis’ nature, claiming compensation for an accident for which you were not at fault can become complicated. 

Commercial semi-truck driving policies are often valued in the millions. As a result, insurers will do everything possible to avoid a payout. While they may offer you compensation, in many cases, this is a much lower percentage of what you are entitled to. 

Some road accidents are less clear-cut. Perhaps more than one party is liable for the blame. We can’t stress enough the value of a commercial semi-truck attorney. Legal professionals will navigate all the paperwork and get you the settlement that you deserve.

Should the driver or insurer deny liability, they can fight your corner. If we cannot settle your compensation outside the courtroom, we have the power to take your claim to trial. 

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