Probate & Trust Administration

We take care of the legal intricacies with sensitivity and precision, allowing you
to focus on healing and keeping your loved one’s memory alive.

Trust and Probate Administration: Honoring Your Loved One's Legacy

Losing a loved one is incredibly tough, and the immediate legal responsibilities of settling their estate can be overwhelming. Often, family members who are already dealing with grief and managing funeral arrangements are expected to dive into the potentially complex probate process. Our Trust & Probate Administration service is here to lift that burden. We handle the legal details, so you can focus on healing and honoring the memory of your loved one.

What is the difference between an estate and a trust administration?

Estate: An estate refers to all the property, assets, and debts a person leaves behind upon their death.

Trust Administration: Trust administration is the process of managing and distributing the assets held in a trust according to the terms set out in the trust agreement, typically carried out by a trustee.

Save Your Heirs Stress,
Time, and Money

While it may be uncomfortable to plan for life’s inevitable transitions, proactive estate planning is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give your loved ones. By organizing your affairs early, you alleviate the stress and burden on your friends and family, ensuring they do not have to navigate complex legal processes during a time of grief. This act of foresight not only safeguards your legacy but also brings peace of mind to your family, knowing everything is settled with care and clarity.

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Plan for Your Future Today

We know it is not easy to consider the future, but planning your estate is a vital step in safeguarding your loved ones and ensuring their well-being. At Growney, McKeown & Barber, P.A., our free consultation is your first step towards securing your legacy.