The St. Petersburg estate planning attorneys at Growney, McKeown & Barber, P.A., can help you build a comprehensive estate plan that will ensure your most valuable assets are protected and help put yours and your family’s minds at ease. Having a reliable attorney at your disposal is necessary for creating the best estate plan. No two clients are alike, and an experienced lawyer will ensure that your tailored documents and plans meet your individual needs. When it comes to making arrangements for the end of your life, while it isn’t something most people want to think about, it’s critical for ensuring your loved ones honor your needs and wishes, each individual receives what you want to leave them, and the stress and paperwork.

How an Estate Planning Lawyer Can Help

At the law firm of Growney, McKeown, and Barber, P.A., we have assisted St. Petersburg area clients for more than thirty-five years. In the area of estate planning, we help our clients prepare:

  • Wills
  • Durable Powers of Attorney
  • Healthcare Surrogates
  • Living Wills

Our experienced attorneys are also able to assist our clients with estate administration and probate.

Planning for the future is something everyone over the age of 18 should contemplate. It’s an inevitable part of life and essential when it comes to ensuring your wants and needs get met. We want to ensure that our clients are prepared for the life ahead of them in St. Petersburg. By beginning the estate planning process early, you can relax and enjoy life without worrying about unexpected events.

Why You Need an Estate Planning Lawyer

Enlisting the help of an estate planning attorney will ensure your family is taken care of and your affairs are in order. Coping emotionally with the loss of a loved one is difficult enough. Adding the arrangements, documents, and legalities and it’s unbearable. Take this burden off your loved ones by ensuring documents are valid, notarized and enforceable and your assets are divided as you wish. Leaving this to your family to deal with can cause unnecessary stress and family feuding. When your affairs are in order and your estate is planned, your family is clear and has direction on the next steps.

The Law Firm of Growney, McKeown, and Barber, P.A.

At the law firm Growney, McKeown, and Barber, P.A., we’ve dedicated our lives to helping St. Petersburg area residents with their legal needs. We understand how complicated and complex legal issues can be and hope that by developing a close working relationship with our clients, we can help them overcome their legal issues one case at a time. We offer personalized services because each client is unique, and everyone has different needs. By considering your assets as well as your personal, financial, and life goals, we can accurately identify what areas of your estate plan need more focus and attention. For a free consultation, please contact us here on our website or call our firm at (727) 384-3800.