Lady Bird Deeds

Lady Bird Deeds simplify estate planning by allowing property owners to maintain control and directly pass real property to beneficiaries, avoiding the hassle of probate.

Estate Planning Made Easy with Lady Bird Deeds

Lady Bird deeds– also known as Enhanced Life Estate Deeds– are an excellent estate planning tool, recommended for their ability to ensure your legacy is preserved and seamlessly transferred to your loved ones. This strategy allows you to maintain full control over your property while alive, with the reassurance that it will pass directly to your beneficiaries without the delays of probate. It is a considerate and practical approach, providing peace of mind by safeguarding your legacy in a way that nurtures and supports your family’s future.


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Plan for Your Future Today

We know it is not easy to consider the future, but planning your estate is a vital step in safeguarding your loved ones and ensuring their well-being. At Growney, McKeown & Barber, P.A., our free consultation is your first step towards securing your legacy.