An estate planning attorney can help clients in Clearwater formalize their plans for their estate. Furthermore having an estate plan is important, and it is never too early to establish a plan. As you prepare for your first meeting with your lawyer, there are certain documents and information you should gather to bring with you. This information will help your lawyer establish a plan that aligns with your goals and wishes.

Documents and Information to Bring to Your Consultation

To make the meeting as efficient as possible, it is wise to bring the following with you to see your estate planning attorney:

  • Names and dates of birth for immediate family members including your spouse or partner, children, and stepchildren. If other family members like cousins, nieces, nephews, uncles, or aunts are to be included in your estate plan, bring their information as well.
  • Financial information such as statements, bank account information, retirement and savings accounts, investments, and more.
  • Information about your assets, including, real estate, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.
  • Copies of retirements plans and life insurance policies.
  • Business information for any business interest you have.
  • A list of any anticipated inheritance or interest in a trust.
  • Prenuptial or marital agreements.
  • A list of names for those you want to appoint as trustees, guardians, executors, or power of attorney.
  • Information about the valuable, tangible personal property like collectibles, antiques, art, jewelry, or automobiles.

Consider bringing a list of questions or concerns to address with your lawyer. You may also want to write down your goals for managing your affairs.

What You Will Discuss with Your Estate Planning Attorney

During your consultation, you can expect to cover many topics with your attorney. For example, you may discuss whom you want to receive your real estate or if there is anything you want to leave to a charitable organization. Your lawyer may also ask whom you want to nominate as personal representative of your estate, trustee of any trusts, and guardian for any minor children. Be prepared to talk about whether you would like to create a living will, designate a  health care surrogate, or appoint a durable power of attorney.

Contact an Estate Planning Attorney Today

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