In the event that you should become medically incapacitated, a living will in St. Petersburg communicates your wishes about the medical care you would like to, or not to receive. This takes the burden off of family members and eases stress and confusion during an already difficult time.

What is a Living Will in St. Petersburg?

Also known as an Advance Healthcare Directive, Advance Directive or Medical Directive, a living will is an end-of-life medical care document that informs people of your wishes should you no longer be able to communicate them. This can ensure you receive the medical treatment you want when you are faced with life-threatening medical issues.

Your living will in St. Petersburg will only be triggered by certain events, like being in a coma, losing brain function, or being put on life-support. Your St. Petersburg living will only go into effect in the event that you are not able to express your choices and desires about the medical care you are receiving.

Often, family members want different care for us than we would want for ourselves, thus the more clearly you express your desires in your St. Petersburg living will, the better. This will both help your family to understand your choices and guarantee care providers are providing care as directed by you.

Who Should Have a Living Will?

Everyone should have a living will in St. Petersburg. Life is unpredictable and you never know when tragedy can strike, being prepared in case it does is a smart decision for anyone over the age of eighteen. Especially if you have strong feelings about what life-saving measures you want, or do not want to be performed.

Leaving the decision up to your loved ones can create conflict and discord with everyone wanting to do their best by you but unsure of how to proceed. This can lead to ruined relationships. A living will in St. Petersburg eases the burden on your family so they can support each other, and you during this already difficult time.

A St. Petersburg living will give you and your family peace of mind by ensuring you have your end of life wishes lined up. In the best-case scenario, you never need it, but you will never regret being prepared for the worst.

What Situations Will a Living Will Protect You?

Any situation you are unable to express your desires, a living will in St. Petersburg will protect your wishes. Situations can include an irreversible coma, a persistent vegetative state, or even a loss of decision-making ability as a result of advanced dementia.

Making these decisions now, when you are of sound mind and body will make sure that your wishes are carried out in the event that you are not. Your living will in St. Petersburg is legally binding and your healthcare providers must follow your directions.

Consult With An Estate Planning Attorney

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