When most Americans consider contacting a will attorney in Tyrone, it is to draft or legalize a will outlining the distributions of a personal estate following a death. However, there is far more to a wills attorney than this alone. At Growney, McKeown & Barber, P.A., our firm covers a myriad of fields of law, one of which being estate planning law. Here, we will discuss the areas focused on within this niche, and whether a wills attorney in Tyrone might be suitable for your legal situation.

Creating a Living Will

A last will and testament dictate the settlement of finances as decided by the drafter. A living will outline the directions physicians and caretakers must follow in the event of illness or injury that prevents them from making such decisions on their own at the time of hospitalization. It is sometimes referred to as a healthcare directive, or directive to physicians.

For some, simply telling friends and family your personal wishes is not enough to ensure these wishes are acted upon. A living will is something a will attorney in Tyrone can help you create and legalize.

Ensuring Durable Power of Attorney

As with a living will, power of attorney protects your personal wishes and finances if there comes a time you are physically or mentally unable to do so. Establishing power of attorney is tricky. If these wishes are not legalized, somebody else may be put in charge of finances and legal decisions in the event of aging, accident or illness.

A wills attorney in Tyrone can create a durable power of attorney, ensuring your wishes for money management, medical treatments, and other big decisions are made by the individual you name.

Legally Appointing a Healthcare Surrogate

A healthcare surrogate is somewhat like, but different from a living will. While it ensures your medical wishes are adhered to when you are not mentally able to oversee them yourself, the way these orders are mandated differ.

A living will outline your personal wishes in writing, whereas a healthcare surrogate is an individual you provide with the power of making your healthcare decisions for you while you are unable. This role is sometimes referred to as a durable power of attorney for healthcare.

Why Do I Need a Living Will, Power of Attorney or Healthcare Surrogate?

While every individual likes to think of themselves as invincible, nobody can predict the future. Whether due to age, injury, or illness, there are times when some may face the inability to manage finances and personal choices. Putting insurance practices such as a living will, power of attorney, and a healthcare surrogate into place provide peace of mind and accountability should anything happen in the future.

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